Project Coordination, Consulting,
      and management of oursourced activities


1. First conversation. You let us know which positions you lack in your organization.

2. Selection. IntoPeople finds suitable CVs and selects people according to our selection process.

3. Introducing candidates. When we are sure we have the right candidates we introduce them to you.

4. Your decision. When you make your choice from the wide range of candidates we can start the immigration procedure.

5. Relocation of the employee. We take on our account all problems regarding immigration such as contact with the IND (“Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst”), MVV request, residence permits, the flight, housing, Social Security number etc, etc.

6. Feedback. We stay in contact with you as well as with the employee. Our aim is to evaluate the project with you every six weeks. Every six to eight weeks we arrange a dinner with our employees to stay in touch with them.



One of our clients shares his experience of working with us:

"We first looked for Dutch employees at the bigger organizations. But the price was totally above our budget."

From this client we received a request for good C # and .NET specialists. Because we have a wide range in these specialists, we provided the client with suitable candidates within one week. Within four weeks the employees were in the office of the client. Besides the immigration request, which takes us two weeks, the employee must finish all his/her duties at home. That’s why we are talking about from four to six weeks.

The reaction of the client: "We are very glad, I can tell you. It meets what we were promised. The knowledge of both developers is extremely good."

IntoPeople candidates:

  • Software Engineers: SAP, C++, C#, MS-SQL, interbase, .Net, Linux, Embedded Software, Microsoft Visual Studio, UML, ASP.NET, COM, VB.NET, JAVA/J2EE, Oracle and Eclipse.
  • Software Testers: Mercury TestDirector, SilkTest, Mercury WinRunner and MS Visual test.
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