Project Coordination, Consulting,
      and management of oursourced activities

References of our clients:

"We thought we might need someone extra, but two developers from IntoPeople work efficient enough, so we are not thinking about additional personal at the moment" Astragy

"I had expected that cultural differences would be much bigger and communications would be more difficult. I have to consider that I was wrong." Astragy

"What we can specially mention about our case, is that we are really glad with the total picture: the work of the developer we have, his attitude and his knowledge are good. " IDPP

"I was not sure about taking a developer from Belarus, because Belarus is such a different world. In addition, he doesn’t speak Dutch while we are a Dutch company and we have Dutch clients only. But I can call it a success. His English is quite enough for efficient work and his work and knowledge are very suitable. " Tecsoft

Some words from the other side.

Here is a feed back reference of one of our employee, Natalya Sakovich, working at Astragy

“I’m working as ASP.NET programmer, I create web application written on C# which services for strategic and competitive intelligence. English language was not a problem at all, I speak fluently English and concerning the specific technical language, it is international of course.

As a programmer I wanted to have international experience and I desired to see and to live in a leading European country. The Netherlands are great: people are always friendly and polite, everyone understands English , people are open in all senses; open to help and to have a few words with you. The windows in nearly every house are open, thereby I mean “no curtains”, for me it means “no secrets” for others.

I have chosen for IntoPeople because they promised to arrange a good job, to support with first steps in a new country and they did and they still do. I think I’m lucky to work for IntoPeople. You always feel secure. So I feel that can trust IntoPeople and I am confident about my future.”

IntoPeople candidates:

  • Software Engineers: SAP, C++, C#, MS-SQL, interbase, .Net, Linux, Embedded Software, Microsoft Visual Studio, UML, ASP.NET, COM, VB.NET, JAVA/J2EE, Oracle and Eclipse.
  • Software Testers: Mercury TestDirector, SilkTest, Mercury WinRunner and MS Visual test.
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