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      and management of oursourced activities


Are you a qualified IT professional who wants to live and work in the Netherlands? Do you have a Masters diploma, University?

Then see a list of "hot" vacancies below. You can get this work in a few weeks!

  • JAVA-programmer
    Project 1. Role: JAVA Component based development
    Rule-based programming
    Tools: Operating systems: Linux
    Knowledge of JESS (Java Expert System Shell) or eventual CLIPS, Java and UML, JavaBeans, Eclipse, CVS.
    Experienced with implementing rule-based systems, JESS (or eventual CLIPS).
    Wide experience with software implementations in JAVA.
    Experienced with JavaBeans.
    Desirable: Experienced with Eclipse.

    Project 2: Net Beans, Soap based appl, security background - RSA, Java in Sybase, must communicate with C developers.
  • 3D (OpenGL or DirectX) C++ specialist
    This 3D graphics software position develops innovative rendering systems and technologies, prototypes, components and frameworks, processes and/or algorithms to successfully execute R&D and product development in 3D modelling, medical visualization, and other related fields. This position will generally have job responsibilities dealing with solving complex problems, creating technical innovations, acting independently or with little supervision and serving as a liaison internally with technical and business development staff.

    The selected candidate will work in on design/development of cutting edge, real-time, 3D graphics software and systems. Position requires 1-3 years of related work experience.

    The candidate must have C++, OpenGL, and multi-threaded programming experience in MS Windows (Win32) environment. Strong mathematics and linear algebra skills are necessary. Familiarity with 3D file formats is needed. Experience with digital video, image processing/computer vision, VR, MFC, Direct3D programming.

    1. C++
    2. 3D Graphics programming (OpenGL or DirectX)
    3. Real-time multi-threaded applications
    4. Image or Vision Processing
  • Php, Perl, Delphi for databasepublishing
    Client: Dutch company which provides solutions for database publishing.
    Description: To work in a company we are looking for an active person with knowledge design, development and experience working with Delphi, InDesign, Access, and Perl (or PHP).
    Knowledge of Joomla and Magento will definitely be an advantage.

    Higher education and the appropriate way of thinking.
    Interest in such areas as IT in general and Internet in particular.
    Experience in developing Internet stores that have been related with large databases.
    Knowledge of Delphi in building database would be an advantage.
    Dedication and focus on results.
    Ability to work structured, carefully, clearly and accurately is very important to us.
    English: enough to communicate effectively. In the future - Dutch.

    Location: Groningen (Netherlands). Groningen - a very old and beautiful city in the north of the Netherlands. Distance from Amsterdam - 2 hours and 30 minutes by train.
    Start of work: to be discussed.
  • Senior Sharepoint developer MOSS 2007
    Sharepoint: Knowledge and experience in at least those areas is a must: Sharepoint, Office 2007, WSS and SPS 2003.
    Platforms: Windows 2000/2003, office2007 (server), AD, Exchange, IIS.
    Databases: MS SQL, MySQL.
    Programming Languages: C #, .NET, PHP.
    Strong team playing and stress resistance skills, with good oral and written skills in English.
  • PLC programmer
    Project 1: Work in industrial production with programming controllers Siemens S5, S7.
    Project 2: Very interesting project using the latest developments and research in the field of lithography, which will create a chip of 32 nanometers size.

    Main requirements (in order of importance) for a candidate:
    1. Not least than 5-10 years experience with programming of PLC.
    2. Experience with automated devices that can be proved.
    3. Experience with Siemens S5, S7.
    4. Experience in mechanical engineering (in other areas - less interesting)
    5. The ability to architect complicated autoimmunization systems.

    Position Description:
    We are looking for specialists with higher education, experience and knowledge of mechanical engineering to support projects in the technical field.

    1. Programming of automated devices using PLC, various electric, controllers, servomotor and sensor devices.
    2. Developing and writing of specifications.
    3. Working in a multidisciplinary team of developers, providing information support, answering questions.
    4. Prepare and run training and advice to your colleagues.
    5. Active position in the development of new systems.

    1. Higher education (Masters diploma, University)  and 5-10 years of experience with PLC
    2. Knowledge of PLC systems such as Siemens S5, S7
    3. Work experience in the team, the ability to share knowledge and share experience with colleagues, the ability to give clear and effective comments and advices.
    4. Targeting a profound study and understanding of the problem. The ability to apply theory to practice.
    5. Analytical thinking, the ability to be a member of the team.
    6. Good spoken and written English.

If you consider yourself to be a suitable candidate for one of the vacancies we ask you to fill in IntoPeople_cv form and send it to our address indicating the vacancy at the head of your letter.

If we are not able to offer you an interesting job today, we will try to do it tomorrow! Fill in IntoPeople_cv and send it to us. After a short interview, we will post your resume at the bank of potential candidates. So your future work may meet you.

See work at IntoPeople for conditions.

Regardless of the positions we expect our candidates to have:

  • Relevant higher education and way of thinking
  • 3 years’ professional experience
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • High efficiency and focus on results
  • Independence, active life position and good sense of humour are always a bonus!
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