Project Coordination, Consulting,
      and management of oursourced activities

We provide our employee with following conditions:

1. Challenging work in the Dutch IT-companies.

2. Legal guarantees of employment. 1 or 2 years contract with IntoPeople.

3. Motivating European salary. The level of wages depends on your age and experience.

4. Permission to work and stay in the Netherlands. This is a few years of life in the center of Europe, as well as the ability to move freely throughout the EU.

5. Ability to move to the Netherlands as soon as possible after passing the interview. After we have a positive answer from both sides all the procedures from our side take only 2 weeks.

6. Long paid vacation. You get 5 weeks of paid vacation per year (which is 25 full working days). "Holiday allowance" is paid in the end of May, begin of June and usually is about 8 % of annual salary. By the way, holiday allowance is so-called 13th salary, because the main salary during the leave is charged in the same way as during the work.

7. Comfortable work schedule. You work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Overtimes happen not often in the Netherlands and, of course, they are extra paid. Precise time of start and finish depends on the particular place of work (mostly 8.30 - 17.00).

8. Discounts on health insurance. For our employees one of the leading insurance companies in the Netherlands provides discount on all packages of personal compulsory medical insurance.

9. Compensation of travel expenses connected with your relocation to the Netherlands. The company pays for your travel expenses for relocation to the Netherlands, regardless of the mean of the transport you prefer.

10. Guaranteed first housing in the Netherlands. By the time of your arrival, you will have comfortable furnished apartment for the first 3 months. Our job is to choose a housing option that matches your wishes and to have it rented by the time of your arrival. But you have to pay for it yourself.

11. The monthly compensation for home-work travel expenses. The company pays for these costs regardless of the mean of the transport, if they are more than a certain amount.

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