Project Coordination, Consulting,
      and management of oursourced activities

Business models

We offer three main business models for the nearshore development.

  • Time and Material Model. Time&Material business model is developed for long-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of work can vary during the implementation. Under this model, you pay as per use of the hourly development efforts.
  • Fixed Price Model. This model is suitable for customers with well defined requirements and project schedules. Under this option, the customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project which in turn is linked to well defined deliverables.
  • Offshore Dedicated Centre (ODC) Model. ODC is an ideal solution for small to medium sized companies that are planning to have a world class dedicated team of software professionals with significant cost saving. In this model, manpower, hardware, software, office space and any other resources needed for the project are dedicated to you on hourly rates.

You can also start a project at your office and complete it in the Nearshore Development Centre. One of our workers will come to your office and start the project. When the project is completed, you can continue the further development in your office.

What can you expect?

  • Lower business risks
  • Solid support in the development process
  • No time difference
  • No communication misunderstandings because of a language barrier
  • An international and multilingual team
  • Huge ICT knowledge, we know what you are talking about
  • Cost savings on your development
  • No invoicing up front
  • No hidden costs
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