Project Coordination, Consulting,
      and management of oursourced activities

For Dutch companies we provide full or partial service in:

Nearshore development of the project at the side of one of our partners in Eastern Europe. We can do the project totally for you or we can provide consultancy and guidance within the project.

Recruitment and flexible staffing of professional IT-staff for your company to work on short- and long-term projects. The developer or a complete team work wholly at your side in your office but continue to be employed by us, so you don’t have to cope with all the responsibilities and problems as normally an employer does. We provide you with an employee on the basis of an hourly rate. It’s you who determine how many hours the developer works and you pay accordingly. In case of illness or other unexpected occurrences you pay only for the number of working hours.

Payrolling of our personnel. It is done on the same basis as flexible staffing with the difference that you pay the total amount per month instead of working hours rate. That total amount per month is normally less than the hours rate, but the cost difference has to do with risks in relation to disease. If the employee is ill then it will not be deducted from the total monthly amount.

Core business of IntoPeople is:

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