Project Coordination, Consulting,
      and management of oursourced activities


Do you have a large project and need employees to run it?

  • You want employees without the associated hiring risks
  • You do not want the hassle of payroll filings and responsibilities
  • You are not ready to take on the risk of a long-term employment commitment
  • You need a partner who can advise you in payroll and employment-related matters
  • You would rather put your energies into your own business instead of payroll related headaches

Through payrolling we can provide your company with the most suitable solution of your very own situation, meeting your special goals. You can choose the personnel you want to work for you and avoid the process of placing them on your payroll. The developer or a complete team will work totally at your side in your office but they will continue to be employed by us. Virtually all your personnel will be taken out of your hands. So you don’t have to manage all the responsibilities and problems of the employee. We assume all legal obligations for “payrolled” employee wages, mandatory payroll taxes, workers' compensation, statutory changes, unemployment and mandatory disability insurance.

Payrolling of our personnel is done on the same basis as flexible staffing with the difference that you pay the total amount per month instead of working hours rate. That total amount per month is normally less than in the case of hours rate, but the cost difference has to do with risks in relation to disease. If the employee is ill then it will not be deducted from the total monthly amount.

Sometimes a company finds an applicant but cannot or does not wish to employ that person directly, either for budgetary reasons or prohibitions on taking on new staff. In such cases, IntoPeople can hire that person on a temporary basis and pay the monthly wages until the employee is given a contract.

The avantages

  • Greater flexibility and convenience
  • Elimination of all costs related to on-boarding staff and processing payrolls
  • Elimination of benefit, vacation and holiday costs accorded permanent employees
  • Highly educated personnel will come to you in a simple way
  • Reducing administrative tasks
  • Minimization of paperwork
  • Saves time and protects confidentiality

IntoPeople candidates:

  • Software Engineers: SAP, C++, C#, MS-SQL, interbase, .Net, Linux, Embedded Software, Microsoft Visual Studio, UML, ASP.NET, COM, VB.NET, JAVA/J2EE, Oracle and Eclipse.
  • Software Testers: Mercury TestDirector, SilkTest, Mercury WinRunner and MS Visual test.
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