Flexible staffing

You want to run a temporary project in-house. You want to do all project management yourself. But you don’t have enough capacity to do it. We can provide you with a great competitive solution: flexible staffing of IT-personnel.

The developer or a complete team work wholly at your side in your office but continue to be employed by us, so you don’t have to cope with all the responsibilities and problems as normally an employer does. We provide you with an employee on the basis of an hourly rate. It’s you who determine how many hours the developer works and you pay accordingly. In case of illness or other unexpected occurrences you pay only for the number of working hours.

Working like that you will get a lot of advantages:

  • highly educated IT-personnel
  • recruitment and selection is done by IntoPeople
  • highly experienced staff (5+ years)
  • an employee is in your office within 4 weeks
  • no personnel risks
  • administration around immigration is provided and paid by us

Knowledge migrant procedure

Not everyone is welcome by the government to live and work in the Netherlands. For non-European countries, there are exceptions including the highly skilled migrants procedure. This arrangement aims at strengthening the Dutch economy and encourage partnerships between countries.

IntoPeople has been admitted to the usage of this procedure and apply this scheme to its workers. Thus it is possible to get an employee to the Netherland within 2 to 3 weeks. It’s really quick if we compare it with 6 months procedure of normal immigration.

But you don’t have to make yourself busy with this staff. We take care of all possible problems concerning immigration, MVV, housing, flight, Dutch courses etc.

Extensive information on this procedure can be found by the IND (www.ind.nl).

Want work with us?

We are excited to work with services and complicated applications,
so if your project one of those you will get a small discount