Nearshore Development

One of the many possibilities of outsourcing your software development is nearshore development.IntoPeople has close partnerships with various software development centres in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine. These are strong and reliable software organizations, each with its own specialities. From our positive experience we can guarantee that these companies do a good job and have the capability of Nearshore Software Development. Through our contacts in Eastern Europe we regularly check the quality and quantity of our partner in Nearshore Software Development.

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What can you expect?

  • No currency risk
  • Solid support in the development process
  • Barely any time difference
  • No communication misunderstandings due to language barriers (Dutch-speaking employees in Belarus and Russian-speaking employees in the Netherlands)
  • Great IT knowledge available, we know what you are talking about
  • Cost savings on your development
  • Invoicing afterwards
  • No hidden costs


  • Analysis of the Project
  • Workflow process definition
  • Employees selection
  • Start Project
  • IntoPeople accompanies the development process
  • Evaluation and rounding


We offer three main business models for the nearshore development.

  • Time and Material Model. Time&Material business model is developed for long-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of work can vary during the implementation. Under this model, you pay as per use of the hourly development efforts.
  • Fixed Price Model. This model is suitable for customers with well defined requirements and project schedules. Under this option, the customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project which in turn is linked to well defined deliverables.
  • Offshore Dedicated Centre (ODC) Model. ODC is an ideal solution for small to medium sized companies that are planning to have a world class dedicated team of software professionals with significant cost saving. In this model, manpower, hardware, software, office space and any other resources needed for the project are dedicated to you on hourly rates.

You can also start a project at your office and complete it in the Nearshore Development Centre. One of our workers will come to your office and start the project. When the project is completed, you can continue the further development in your office.

Specialized services

IntoPeople and its partner ScienceSoft are happy to present its specialized services for all the companies that are looking for high quality and professional approach to their business needs.

We are offering professional automated migration of your applications to newer and most powerful platforms and expert Share Point development – creation of all types of intranet and extranet solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies. Read more about automated migration or Share Point development or contact us for more details.



April 20, Minsk. IntoPeople signed an exclusive partnership agreement with ScienceSoft, a leading IT-outsourcing company in Belarus, Eastern Europe. This event highlighted our expanding cooperation with ScienceSoft and strengthened IntoPeople’s service offering in the Benelux market.

Under the new agreement, ScienceSoft and IntoPeople join the efforts in delivering high quality cost-effective IT services to companies across Benelux. IntoPeople brings its knowledge of the Benelux market, expertise in customer relations and project management. ScienceSoft contributes its vast technology expertise, large talent pool and methodological excellence.

The present step forward in the relationships between ScienceSoft and IntoPeople is based on three years of doing business together. By 2009 ScineceSoft and IntoPeople have completed over 15 projects for companies in the Netherlands. This portfolio comprises development of business process management systems, testing as well as web design projects.

In the forthcoming months ScienceSoft and IntoPeople plan to carry out joined promotional activities, host seminars on IT outsourcing, and expand the offering of IT services to the Benelux customers. Despite the harsh economic conditions, in 2009 the two companies plan to double the revenue from providing IT services to the Benelux customers compared to the previous year.


ScienceSoft is a mature IT services provider focusing on outsourced product and software development, applications for mobile devices, Microsoft technology consulting as well as migration and testing services.

ScienceSoft customer value is based on its staff of 250 experienced professionals, proved quality and well-established processes, advantageous geographic location and 20 years in IT-business. The company operates within a range of vertical domains with particularly strong experience in telecommunications, healthcare and life sciences, security, engineering, retail, media and entertainment. The company provides services on a project basis, sets up dedicated teams as well as offshore development centers.

ScienceSoft is devoted to serving its European and global customers, from small businesses to large multinationals such as IBM, Tieto, CambridgeSoft and many others. For the year 2009 ScienceSoft was selected an IBM Core Supplier for technical services for Belarus. ScienceSoft is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Prology Consulting provides system solutions in the area of enterprise automation and consulting services. Prology Consulting offers complex system solutions based on the best technologies, such as SAP ERP, SAP Netweaver and SAP Business Suite, for enterprises working in various sectors of business.

If you are a representative of a software development centre in Eastern Europe and are interested in possible collaboration, contact us in any convenient way. We are open for new contacts and effective cooperation.

Our partnership can give your company and your employees new opportunities for professional development and growth.


Anke Suijkerbuijk

“We came into contact with IntoPeople and they told us about the enormous capacity of developers in Belarus. At first we were sceptical, since we had no experience of working with Belarusian people. So to test whether it would work, we set up a test project. We needed something, which was not time-critical. The results of this project were amazing and delivered on time, so we wondered if there was a catch to it. That’s why we launched a second project which was a lot bigger. This project was also within time and budget.We were able to release and sell new applications which we otherwise could not have done. Certainly not in this time period without going over budget. Thanks to IntoPeople we managed to surprise and stay ahead of our competitors.”

Experiences of other customers:

  • “We have chosen IntoPeople because it has a good sense of play and a clear procedure.” IDPP
  • “The work, independence and professionale expertise are very good. I had experience with software developers in India and they just didn’t demonstrate the previous points. In addition, the project were delivered even earlier than planned.” Logivert
  • “What we really apprisiated about IntoPeople is that all the responsibility within the nearshore projects was taken by them” DRS


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