IntoPeople will guide a highly skilled migrant in The Netherlands with the following:
1. Accomodation, but also contracts for water, electricity, and gas
2. Register a child at a local school
3. Guidance with the registration at a municipality
4. Open a bank account
5. Application for a health insurance
6. Chance the driver license to a Dutch driver license
7. Register at a local general practice doctor / dentist
8. Tuberculosis inspection for the Dutch Immigration- and Naturalisation Department
9. Import a car
10. Several administrative tasks

Do you have a large project and need employees to run it?

  • You want employees without the associated hiring risks
  • You do not want the hassle of payroll filings and responsibilities
  • You are not ready to take on the risk of a long-term employment commitment
  • You need a partner who can advise you in payroll and employment-related matters
  • You would rather put your energies into your own business instead of payroll related headaches


Payrolling of our personnel is done on the same basis as flexible staffing with the difference that you pay the total amount per month instead of working hours rate. That total amount per month is normally less than in the case of hours rate, but the cost difference has to do with risks in relation to disease. If the employee is ill then it will not be deducted from the total monthly amount.

The advantages

  • Greater flexibility and convenience
  • Elimination of all costs related to on-boarding staff and processing payrolls
  • Elimination of benefit, vacation and holiday costs accorded permanent employees
  • Highly educated personnel will come to you in a simple way
  • Reducing administrative tasks
  • Minimization of paperwork
  • Saves time and protects confidentiality


Sometimes a company finds an applicant but cannot or does not wish to employ that person directly, either for budgetary reasons or prohibitions on taking on new staff. In such cases, IntoPeople can hire that person on a temporary basis and pay the monthly wages until the employee is given a contract.

IntoPeople candidates:

    .NET (incl. cross-platform solutions like Core and Xamarin)
    PHP (incl. Symfony/Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend)
    JS (JS/TypeScript incl. jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone)
    MOBILE (Objective-C/Swift, Java/Cotlin, UWP, cross-platform React Native and Xamarin)
    Desktop (UWP/WPF, Electron.Net)
    Manual Testing, Automated UI Testing (Selenium IDE/WebDriver), Load Testing


  1. You have a lack of permanent staff. If you’re looking for staff you can determine whether you or we run the recruitment and selection of your prospective employee (s). Here, we keep the same procedure as for the flexible staffing.

  2. We provide you with contract of employment and other contracts.

  3. If necessary, we take for our account all matters regarding immigration such as contact with the IND (“Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst”), MVV request, residence permits, the flight, housing, Social Security number etc, etc.

  4. The Eerstedagsmelding (registration with tax office) is done by us.

Based upon our proven track record of providing the most reliable and cost effective method of payrolling contingent staff, the selection of IntoPeople to meet your payrolling requirements will provide significant cost savings and control features. Additionally, IntoPeople has the flexibility and systems to customize a payrolling programme which can include a full range of benefits either funded by the employee or our clients.


“We thought we might need someone extra, but two developers from IntoPeople work efficient enough, so we are not thinking about additional personal at the moment” Astragy

“I had expected that cultural differences would be much bigger and communications would be more difficult. I have to consider that I was wrong.” Astragy

“What we can specially mention about our case, is that we are really glad with the total picture: the work of the developer we have, his attitude and his knowledge are good. ” IDPP

“I was not sure about taking a developer from Belarus, because Belarus is such a different world. In addition, he doesn’t speak Dutch while we are a Dutch company and we have Dutch clients only. But I can call it a success. His English is quite enough for efficient work and his work and knowledge are very suitable. ” Tecsoft

Here is a feed back reference of one of our employee, Natalya Sakovich, working at Astragy

“I’m working as ASP.NET programmer, I create web application written on C# which services for strategic and competitive intelligence. English language was not a problem at all, I speak fluently English and concerning the specific technical language, it is international of course.

As a programmer I wanted to have international experience and I desired to see and to live in a leading European country. The Netherlands are great: people are always friendly and polite, everyone understands English , people are open in all senses; open to help and to have a few words with you. The windows in nearly every house are open, thereby I mean “no curtains”, for me it means “no secrets” for others.

I have chosen for IntoPeople because they promised to arrange a good job, to support with first steps in a new country and they did and they still do. I think I’m lucky to work for IntoPeople. You always feel secure. So I feel that can trust IntoPeople and I am confident about my future.”


Knowledge migrant procedure

Not everyone is welcome by the government to live and work in the Netherlands. For non-European countries, there are exceptions including the highly skilled migrants procedure. This arrangement aims at strengthening the Dutch economy and encourage partnerships between countries.

IntoPeople has been admitted to the usage of this procedure and apply this scheme to its workers. Thus it is possible to get an employee to the Netherland within 2 to 3 weeks. It’s really quick if we compare it with 6 months procedure of normal immigration.

But you don’t have to make yourself busy with this staff. We take care of all possible problems concerning immigration, MVV, housing, flight, Dutch courses etc. Extensive information on this procedure can be found by the IND (

Want work with us?

We are excited to work with services and complicated applications,
so if your project one of those you will get a small discount